Blue Ribbon

Why a Blue Ribbon?

April-National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

In memory of her grandson, Michael, Bonnie W. Finnie of Virginia tied a ribbon to her van’s antenna. She chose blue to remind herself of the bruised body of her grandchild.

We all have a role to play in building strong communities in which children are valued and supported.

There's no excuse for child abuse!

Blue Ribbon Campaign

For over 31 years, Amigos For Kids has been working to prevent child abuse and neglect through programs that empower children, strengthen families, and educate communities. Each year, thousands of children are abused, neglected, and exploited.  We move our mission forward by creating awareness and educating communities.

We believe awareness fuels change. That’s why we are making the issue of child abuse recognized and discussed through various activities taking place in April.

"There's NO Excuse for Child Abuse!"- Art Contest

We encourage kids in our community to get creative and submit drawings, paintings, photography, and graphic design depicting the theme "There's NO Excuse For Child Abuse." Winners receive prizes and have their work displayed in a local art gallery.

Rock Your Socks to End Child Abuse

Schools in our community help spread the word on child abuse prevention by participating in our Rock Your Socks school fundraiser.

Amigos Walk for Great Childhoods

Students of our afterschool program create class banners depicting the theme "There's NO Excuse For Child Abuse" and walk in our community to spread the message that it takes everyone to support great childhoods.

Monique Burr Foundation's Child Safety Matters Lessons

Children in our programs engage in lessons from the Child Safety Matters curriculum, which are aimed at promoting safety. This evidence-based and evidence-informed program helps educate and protect children from all types of bullying, abuse, and victimization.

Award-winning campaigns like Broken Crayons

A multi-platform campaign which showcases the work from renowned child protection expert, Dr. Elspeth McInnes, shows unsuspecting art goers coming to the startling realization that children hide troubling truths in their classroom drawings.

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There's no excuse for child abuse!

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